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For security fencing needs, Smith’s Fencing is all you need. As professional fencing contractors, pride ourselves not only in our years of experience in the field but also in our desire to continue to improve in our field of expertise. We provide all types of fencing and security, from simple, low security installations to even the most complex of maximum security needs and access controls.

What We Do
In our years in operation, Smith’s Security Fencing has elevated into one of the UK’s premier choices for installation of all types of commercial and industrial fencing needs. We also specialize in the installation of various types of security access controls, with various levels of security – from intercom-operated ones, keypads, to the highly complex GPS-controlled security access. This is the reason why we are the premier security fencing partners of many of the UK’s industrial and commercial property owners. We have had fencing projects in hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories, and many other industrial and commercial establishments.

Onsite Fabrication
All staff highly skilled, trained, CSCS-certified expert erectors to ensure that the work does not only follow our high standards in quality but on safety as well. As expert fencing contractors, we always strive to achieve the specific requirements you have on your security needs – meeting your standards on quality, security, as well as design to suit your establishment’s aesthetics.

With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Smith’s can assure you that all your fencing needs are covered. You can come by the office for consultation and professional design with our experienced experts for your security fences. And trust that we will be with you along the way.