Accoustic/Timber Fencing Systems Reflective and Absorptive Timber Accoustic Fencing

Acoustic Fencing provides both a secure line of demarcation and the ability to either reflect or absorb sound waves where noise issues are prevalent. Acoustic fencing is most commonly comprised of a combination of materials including wood and steel. All acoustic fencing is rated according to BS EN 1793 - 2:1998 Category B3 standards.

Acoustic fencing provides an acoustic barrier and is commonly seen on commercial, residential, industrial properties and alongside highways and railway lines. Acoustic barriers are typically constructed from steel and timber and as well as providing a secure perimeter acoustic fencing offers a more aesthetic appearance.

Depending upon the composition of the acoustic fence the noise barrier can be made to either absorb or reflect sound waves in order to disperse or rebound the sound waves effectively. The nature of the composition should be decided upon depending on the environment in which it is required.

As the acoustic fence is composed of a steel and timber construction both height and lateral strength are maximised which allows the height of the fence to range from anywhere between 2 metres to 5 metres without any structural compromise. Typical installations of acoustic fencing appear alongside highways and airport perimeters where unwanted sound (noise) emanates from on a regular basis.

To find out more about acoustic and timber fencing please see the links below for more information.

  1. Reflective Acoustic Fencing
  2. Absorptive Acoustic Fencing
  3. Standard Timber Fencing
  4. Timber Gates & Access

Acoustic Barrier Fencing

Typical Uses

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Highways
  • Playgrounds
  • Industrial Properties
  • Areas of Conservation

Heights Available

  • 1800mm
  • 2000mm
  • 2400mm
  • 3000mm
  • 3600mm
  • 4000mm
  • 5000mm

Widths Available

  • Varies Upon Installation

Reflective Acoustic Fencing

By rebounding the sound waves back to the origin reflective acousitc fencing offers excelent noise barrier properties.

A reflective noise barrier will be its design reflect any sound waves back in the direction they came from. A full faced panel will reflect sound waves rather than absorbing and dispersing the sound waves. The reflective qualities of the fence are determined by the design of the panels as both the configuration and the mass of the panel are factors to consider when using this method of acoustic fencing.

Absorptive Acoustic Fencing

Absoptive acoustic fencing disperses sound waves in order to break up the sound wave in a similar fasion to soundproofing seen in sound booths where the shape and arrangement of the face of the fence panel determines how the sound is suppressed.

Areas where sound emanates from can be closed of by mean of an acoustic fence where the sound waves are broken down and dispersed rather than reflecting them. The sound proofing panels can be comprised of various materials used to absorb sound waves. Absorpative acoustic fencing is used where reflective acoustic fencing is ineffective.

Standard Timber Fencing

Standard timber fencing offers good lateral strength and can be adapted to provide extra security measure whilst at the same time offering a more aestheticaly pleaseing look.

Smiths Security Fencing are experienced timber fence installers and due to the versatility of the material offer whole myriad of timber fencing options for you to consider when either at the design stage or further on in the project. Ranging from 7 meter high perimiters to aestheitcaly pleasing instalations seen on new residential and commerical properties Smiths Security Fencing have a wide selection of options for your project. Often used to secure a permiter or to contain unsightly objects, timber fencing is a common choise for areas of conservation, schools and other areas where visual consistency is required.

Timber Gates & Access

Where access is required Smiths Security Fencing has extensive options available for timber based access solutions.

Many timber fencing instalations require access control, as we offer numerous access control systems for our timber instalations all available options can evaluated at the design stage to check their suitability on the instalation. For more information on gates and access control please see our page Gates & Access Control.