Multi Usage Games Area Fencing MUGA Fencing Systems - Manchester

Smiths Security Fencing offer a wide variety of Multi Usage Games Area fencing systems ranging in use from football to tennis to playgrounds. MUGA fencing systems offer secure and reliable means to maintain lines of demarcation for both the users and spectators of sporting activities within.

Many MUGAs (multi usage games areas) require certain considerations such as rebound and lateral strength qualities when deciding upon which sports activities the areas will be used for. For example a games area primarily used for tennis usually require a higher fence height whilst those used for hockey will require lower fence heights but strong base boardings. Smiths Security Fencing offer both off and on-site technical advice/consultation on which systems are more suited to your client's needs to provide a long term solution for your fencing needs.

With our extensive fencing engineering experience we understand the need to provide a secured games area when in and out of use. All our MUGA fencing systems come with secure access systems designed specifically for the needs of the areas assuring the functionality and aesthetics of the fencing system are suited to both the usage and the looks of the surrounding infrastructure. All our MUGA fencing systems are provided with powder coated with RAL based colouring to ensure a pleasant look and feel.

To find out more about MUGA fencing systems please see the links below for more information.

  1. Rebound & Lateral Strength
  2. Spectator Visibility
  3. Access and Security

MUGA fencing systems offer rebound effect, good visability and security.

Typical Games Usage

  • Football Pitches
  • Hockey Pitches
  • Tennis Courts
  • Basketball Courts

Heights Available

  • 1800mm
  • 2000mm
  • 2400mm
  • 3000mm
  • 3600mm
  • 4000mm
  • 5000mm

Widths Available

  • 2500mm
  • 3000mm
  • other sizes availalable on request

Rebound & Lateral Strength

One of the most important factors when deciding which MUGA fencing system you wish to employ is the rebound quality and the lateral strength of the fence.

The longevity of the fence depends upon the correct selection of the type of system used to provide a strong and long lasting structure. Both high and low impact strikes from wayward ball and play will need to be absorbed by the structure. With several types of fencing available for different variation of ball strikes choosing the right one normally depends on which sports are likely to be played in the games area.

As the example above suggested some sports require much more lateral strength to provide a full rebound effect for balls in games where there are no touchlines such as 5-a-side football. The extra strength provided by the configuration of the steel fencing grid on the lower section of the fence will provide the rebound effect but any requirements for full rebound effect should be stated when in consultation.

Spectator Visibility

As with most sports and games spectators will want a clear and un-obscured view of the play. With MUGA fencing configurations options for a single structure allowing for a full top to bottom view are available.

Alternatively in cases where full rebound effects are required the fence will consist of two sections, a lower and upper. Upper sections nearly always offer high visibility and predominantly lower sections have been boarded with high impact board which are solid boards offering no views for persons under 90cm to 120cm however with steel grid lower sections offering the full rebound effect both adults and children can view the play whilst being protected from wayward balls.

Access and Security

All MUGA fencing systems are engineered to suit a range of single and double access points around the perimeter offering a secure and reliable access to the games areas.

Doors, double doors and gate systems can be implemented for easy access for both single persons and other larger equipment for site maintenance.

Cranked fencing tops also allow for better security from outside unwanted access. Having a cranked top not only provides extra perimeter height for shots heading skywards but also acts as a deterrent for anyone looking to scale the fence as the both the pitch and overhang make scaling the fence much harder.