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The balance of style and security of railings allows for a more aesthetically pleasing and less intimidating look on any property. The steel railings mounted on concrete walls – with or without decorative finials – make for the perfect security fences for establishments that need to maintain their aesthetic qualities like corporate buildings, embassies, offices, etc. However that is not to discount the level of security they offer. Finished off with the addition of decorative finials, both the fence’s design value and anti-climb factors are both enhanced.

Just like most types of fencing, these railing fencing can be customized to meet any height and width requirements of a security fence. The thickness of the bar railings used in the design not only help define the ‘look’ of the fence but boost the fence’s stability and resistance from wear and tear and denting or bending by attempting intruders. The thickness also decides on how efficient a fence will be for its intended purpose. Commonly, the vertical bars come in thickness sizes between 12mm to 22mm.

Steel railings, design-wise, are mostly defined by the toppers. Simple designs are usually topped with flat bars. Others include blunt top bars or bow tops. Finials, decorative ones, can be added, too, both for the aesthetics of it and for added security. Finials are easily available in common designs or by special request for rarer styles. Posts come in a whole variety of sizes and types to suit their intended purpose

What sets these railing fences apart from most other types of steel fences is the fact that it is attached to a concrete post. This makes it an extremely stable, irremovable type of fence that does not bend nor break too easily. Steel railings can be finished with the usual powder coating of RAL colors, can be galvanized, and can be painted as well.

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  1. Railing Tops
  2. Choice Of Finials
  3. Tube Types
  4. Bespoke Railings
Railing Fencing / Railings

Steel Tube Railings With Plain Finials

Typical Uses

  • Homes
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • City Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Property
  • Industrial Property
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Heights Available

  • 900mm
  • 1000mm
  • 1200mm
  • 2400mm

Widths Available

  • Railing widths vary from 0.5 metres and upwards.

Railing Tops

When choosing the railing tops the overall structure, height, width and size of the railings also matter too. There are a variety of railing tops to choose from and there will surely be one that should fit the purpose better.

For instance, if you’re installing medium-length railing fences for playgrounds, the pointy, spiky toppers may not be the best choice. Safer bow topped ones may be more appropriate. The importance of choosing the right railing top based on the purpose overtakes the need for enhanced aesthetics. Thankfully, however, railing fencings are practically ‘pretty’ in its own right so that takes care of a lot of things already.

Choice Of Finials

Round or flat bars for fences can be less attractive, thus the addition of ornamental finials will be a great advantage, but if that’s not enough yet, the finials can act as anti-scale barriers too, especially if they come in spiky top designs.

Finials can come in round- or square-bars. There are so many types of designs to choose from; there will always be something to fit the overall look of your fences, as well as to match the design of the property that it protects.

Solid Bar & Tube Types

Steel railings made of solid steel bars or steel tubes. The choice on the type of steel to use for the railings depends largely on both the aesthetics and the purpose of the fences.

The thickness of either type, naturally, determines the strength of the whole fence. It also affects the ease in creating designs as well as the overall, entire look of the fence.

Bespoke Railings

We at Smith’s Fencing are dedicated to providing our clients with the best professional service there is when it comes to fencing and we’d love to give our customers what they exactly need. That’s why where no standard type of fencing suits your specific fencing need, our line of bespoke fences will deliver.

Bespoke railings are specifically manufactured to suit a specific, non-standard design. Our professional team of erectors will make sure that your custom-fit railings are installed safely and properly.