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when exactly is wantz's macalania shop available?

i'm an hour or so from the first fight with sin on the airship's deck , and i have beaten yunalesca. wantz is not at the entrance to the macalania woods i have donated to wantz at all possible times, and i did talk to wantz and bought from him on the gagazet trail. having not payed any specific attention to o'aka and wantz in my past playthroughs, i don't remember when wantz showed up. i

when do you get the airship?

ur able to use it 99% freely after u kill yunalesca, but if u go up on the outside deck, u'll have to fight sin's arms/legs/wings. after u fight sin on the outside deck, u'll be able to use the airship 100% freely.

chapter 1: the merryweather

for divinity: original sin ii on the pc, faq by moniker85. walkthrough chapter 1: the merryweather the hold. your epic journey in d:osii starts at the hold, a prisoner ship that transports sourcerers to fort joy, a prison dedicated to those who can wield the source.

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skill book vendors

general strategies skill book vendors. one of the best bits of information you can have early on is the locations to learn your skills. skill diversity is important in combat, especially early on when you find that you are often waiting on long cooldowns after casting your few skills and can only do basic attacks on subsequent turns.. this section will tell you where you can find early skill

keep ifan or sebille?

ifan, because the free crossbow he gets from zaleskar is godly in the early running. i had the same problem with sebille and with that exact same group, oddly enough on my first, aborted, attempt at the game - she was all 'bring me or kill me', and i killed her.

chapter 3: i, the godwoken

so go upstairs and see if theres anything good. youre pretty much done with the ship for now, all you have to do is advance the main quest. for that, pick the dusty tome thats on top of dalliss desk in her cabin and read it. go up to the main deck of the ship and move tot the front. interact with the wooden dragon and sing the song

'menards guy' pitchman ray szmanda dead at 91

menards said szmanda's 'friendly, enthusiastic and fun loving personality have made a lasting impression' on the family-owned company and its customers. may 1992

hitman: contracts

follow the sewers to the southernmost warehouse. from one of the balco- nies is a ladder up to the roof. get up onto the roof, and syringe/wire the sniper up there. if you were quick, the target should just be coming onto deck of the ship. give him the rifle and leave the way you came. silent assassin: the sniper method is a bit unreliable for

dante's inferno

- beatrice stones: there are 3 of these stones that you can find in certain locations of the game, and once you find all 3 you will be able to automatically absolve the condemned, skipping the sin-catching mini-game. this is usefull if you already have all the souls you need and are just skipping through the game for absolving all the condemned.

need help: keepers of the arena ventus

alright here's what works for me, for all characters during this match: deck commands: megaflare megaflare sonic blade mine square curaga shortcut group curaga to add 15% more medals, if you don't care then use another curaga for shotlocks, i'd give ven lightning ray since it is easier to deal damage by mashing x at the end than by reacting to randomly generated face commands.