building deck rail attachment

honda autonomous off-road robot could handle dangerous

building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? here are the big takeaways: honda unveiled a new autonomous, off-road robot that could be used for dangerous jobs in the field, or for search and

metal gear solid 2: substance

----- 6.3e hanging from a railing ----- the character can hang from a railing over the edge of a platform or walkway. the character will hop or flip over the railing and hang from it. from this position, the character can shimmy along the railing left or right by pressing the movement control buttons. the character can also drop from the railing to a lower level by pressing the x button. to

wasteland 2

in the northeast corner of the cow pen area, you will find a building with a dead man outside and some unreadable bloody text on the deck. it looks like it might say 'don't trust . . .' examine the dead body and loot the chest on the side of the building. the building contains the irrigation control you are looking for. enter the building


now follow connor into the building and out the back door. two enemy soldiers will enter the alley further down. hold the left trigger to aim down sights and press the right trigger to fire your pistol. press x to reload. -objective: pick up the assault rifle/follow connor. grab the gun on the ground and follow connor into the building. there will be three enemies in here to deal with. press b

rise of the tomb raider

use your rope arrows to create a zip line to the building opposite using the rope attachment point provided. climb across to find afterwards, locate the rail car in the center of the room and push it along the tracks so that it is below the ledge on the northern end of the room. before climbing up, look for the survival cache 01/03 located in the northern corner of the room, in the niche

tom clancy's splinter cell double agent

quickly and quietly move toward where the crate was and jump the rail. you should now be back on the ship's deck. sneak to the right away from ship's outer rail and behind the large white container with cc3 on the end. go past the 2 yellow rails and make a right before the metal crates. sam can walk through the 2nd crate there is some ammo in

lego marvel's avengers

attach to the grapple point using bucky and pull it away revealing more shiny silver. toss a grenade at the silver to destroy the cannon. a third and final cannon appears on the left side of the screen. this one is shielded as well. again avoid the cannon fire and defeat any enemies while waiting for the shield to disappear. once it does pull the grapple point and attack the silver metal to

lego jurassic world

amber brick - in the first room of the building, get onto the counter and jump up to the railing with amanda, then to the rafters. proceed to the back where the ladder is and climb up, then move to the right to get the amber for the troodon. minikit 3 - velociraptor once you enter the main room, look up to the raptor ledge and pounce up, then run along the catwalk to the right. minikit 4

uncharted 4: a thief's end

attach your rope to the crate and pull it over to this tall rock, and then climb on the crate and up onto the handholds. climb onto the top ledge and then walk across the tree trunk and into the opening, cross the bridge which will break then jump and use your rope at the bottom of the mud slide. jump to the wall ahead then climb left and up to the floor above. now jump to the elevator when

soldier of fortune ii: double helix

the first building you approach has a gun emplacement on the upper level. either shoot out the gunner, or aim for the barrels beside the building to do the most damage, once you circle around behind the building, there are some more barrels that will take it out for good. after taking out the main building, you will continue onwards. third camp

grand theft auto v

when you regain control, you'll be flying a helicopter. fly it over to the top of the building indicated by the objective marker. as you reach it, yet another scene will play. use the on-screen button tutorial to rappel down the side of the building until you can go no further and then press the indicated button to watch a scene through the

the lego movie videogame

--- build and master build - this is the ability to take loose piles of bricks and make something neat. in other lego games, this is taken for granted, but in this game, only master builders can build from piles of bricks. also, there is the idea of 'master building', where you find a green circle on the ground. hold x while on the circle and aim the cursor at the highlighted green objects in

gears of war 3

head back up the street and on the left side should be stairs. go up the stairs and take a right. head into the one room building directly in front of you and on the floor to the left will be some cog tags. now just head back to where the barge dropped you to continue on with the on rails section.