cattle panel wood fence instructions

dairy farm for android

dairy farm is a game that simulate tasks of farmers who work on a big farm. with dairy farm, players are transformed into farmers do everything from planting and tending crops until harvest, hand

tomb raider

to the immediate right after going through this hole in the fence you can find rifle ammo and arrows . move over the wooden bridge and drop down in the middle to find a gps cache . relic - 3 inro commander's inro can be found inside the building, on the ground floor. climb the building to find a large salvage box on the

the suffering

rather than climb out the cellar, go through the only door in the room and make your way through the coal rooms. at the far end is a generator sitting in a pool of water. if you want to help sergie, you need to turn on the generator without getting yourself killed. first, smash the wood panel to the left of the generator to open a drain. after

leon a

go across and turn left at the end, heading north towards the cable car. grab the red herb by the fence and the tool from the table. from here go down the steps and look on the table for the file delivery receipt 29/58 which gives you the instructions for a nearby safe. go back the way you came, continue past the door and turn right to find a

far cry 2

patrols are rare but unpredictable in this area so be prepared to use the dart rifle. monitor the targets position on your map and then locate him with your sniper scope. he will be wearing a brown suit, and may occasionally squat down behind a wooden fence, making the shot more difficult. zero in with your dart rifle for the kill. a headshot

dead island

everything can be done in one's own garage or workshop. watch out for shrapnel found: on the resort's beach east of the lighthouse. on the sand next to a yellow and white striped chair next to the yellow life guard truck, by a wooden fence and a black surfboard with red flames. stats: unknown base item: none materials: bolts x2 clamp metal

the police station leon b

exit the room now and go right, although you may need to kill the zombie here. run around the other zombies in this area back to the fence we met leon at and unlock it. strht ahead on the barrels is some large-caliber handgun ammo x6 and some wooden boards x1 to the right. use the door down here and go strht into the east office.

the lego movie videogame

on the floor: destroy 9 silver lego panels. believe it or not the boss here can do this. when he starts throwing dynamite stand on a panel. gameplay: boss time. fight some bad guys. eventually the boss will come out and throw some dynamite. this is a good chance to do the 'on the floor' mission. shoot him with the gun and he'll fall. hit him

parasite eve ii

on your right will be the fence, heading down the hall you will see 2 puma anmc's digging under the fence when the battle starts, kill them using the assault rifle, then continue running in the path past the hole they were digging.

call of juarez: bound in blood

call of juarez: bound in blood walkthrough coj05 ===== act 1: we are family coj06 ===== chapter 1 - coj07 5/5 secrets ===== the game starts off with ray and thomas standing toe to toe aiming at each other and ready to fire. ray wants justice, and as the screen goes black you hear a gun shot. - atlanta georgia 1864. two years earlier you start

ghost in the shell: stand alone complex

legal - lg introduction - inu this is a guide for the game ghost in the shell: stand alone complex. the game is for the playstation 2 and it is currently only available in japan. this is my first posted walkthrough so i encourage any tips on style or structure. if you would like to contact me my email is mikamikem457 about the game - ing the game takes place after the first