advantages and disadvantages of steel deck supports

fairy type strengths and weaknesses

already justified type advantages and disadvantages: fire is strong against grass because it burns grass. water is strong against fire because it extinguishes fire. dark, bug, and ghost are strong against psychic because they are common fears. ice is strong against dragon because dragons are cold blooded. fighting is strong against dark because honor beats trickery. etc. etc.

go vacation 2 fishing resort 2 animal crossing for wii u

i would prefer animal crossing on the wii u compared to a handheld version for a few reasons. the graphics will obviously look amazing, there will be a lot more content and hopefully with the added processing power the developers can go crazy with the dialogue and maybe even have scripted events that happen with your villagers that are far more complex then just 'catch this' 'fetch that'.

apple watch series 3: cheat sheet

apple watch series 3 is the newest generation of apple watch, which has become the world's number one watch. in addition to telling time, surfacing customizable news alerts, tracking health and

birds of steel

the birds of steel dynamic campn faq version 1.1 by david myers. a compendium of game information obtained from players active on the message boards of and gaijin ent's birds of steel message boards.

knife toolsteels what do we really know? an earth

read the knife toolsteels what do we really know? an earth-returning counterexample discussion from the chowhound cookware, knives food community. join the discussion today.

fallout 3 guide and walkthrough

you'll run across a woman named mei wong on the midship deck, usually wandering the corridors. if you talk to her, it turns out she's an escaped slave, scared because she saw a slaver called sister on the ship. you can give her 25 caps to buy a gun to protect her with, in which case she gives you the location of the slave hideout temple of the

advice on axew/haxorus move set

so, instead of telling me which of those 3 i should use, please tell me why i would use each one. give me a complete work over for advantages and disadvantages of each. i'm only aware of the basic. so does dual chop provide significantly less damage, and should only be used for sash/sturdy breaks? those kinds of things.

maverick arsenal: small arms

generating ammunition capable of going through tens of feet of concrete and much more then a 7 foot block of solid steel. it would punch through feasibly even an abrahms completely and simply one

president trump's steel and aluminum tariffs: winners and

the trump administration is imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from europe, canada and mexico after a monthlong exemption expires at midnight. steel imports will be taxed at 25 percent

knights of legend

a.02 knights of legend versions ===== there are two versions of knights of legend; one for the apple ii, and one for dos. i've played both versions; the apple ii version i played to death during high school, and the dos version i found more recently at a garage sale. the two versions are virtually identical, but this faq is primarily based on

pokemon strengths and weaknesses

phoenixfire99 posted here is a quick reference chart for anyone who wants it. print it out and keep it on hand, might make it easier for you to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each pokemon while you're at it just in case you are new to the series.pokemon strengths

best sniper rifle to use ?

it really just depends on what your preferences are, as they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and so they balance themselves out. for example, you can get a rifle with more damage, but it might have less zoom in from the scope, or it might have more wobble or you can get the rifle with the best zoom, but it will have more wobble, and etc and some will have more ammo capacity.

first time playing. sword and sheild or two handed?

for the elder scrolls online: tamriel unlimited on the xbox one, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'first time playing. sword and sheild or two handed?'.

10 ways microsoft office 2016 could improve your productivity

10 ways microsoft office 2016 could improve your productivity. by mark kaelin in 10 things , in cloud on october 2, 2015, 6:42 am pst microsoft wants office 2016 to be the last office productivity

advantages magazine hd for ios

advantages is a publication targeted to promotional products salespeople. our main objective is to be a comprehensive source of sales strategies, information and inspiration through articles

thinking to conduct a 'frying pan shoot-out' -- seeking

read page 3 of the thinking to conduct a 'frying pan shoot-out' -- seeking advice discussion from the chowhound cookware, frying pans food community. join the discussion today.

thermal conductivity and heat retention in various types

folks, this debate about whether you can cook without recipes and what 'recipe' means is getting awfully close to a discussion of what meaning means. since the original topic of discussion is thermal conductivity and heat retention in cookware, it might be getting a tad off-topic. can we let it go, please?

new on game. whats more important to do on your days

in general though, here's a short summary of the main advantages and disadvantages of each: explore raise professor level, which improves explore, instruct and battles in the future lots of 'free' activities on top of activity points - greenhouse, gifts to students, mission assistance etc. quests unlock lots of useful tools

10 reasons why microsoft office 365 rocks

office 365 is bringing together microsoft's various online productivity tools, from email to web apps to communications services. deb shinder explains why she thinks this suite is a winner.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber

>advantages everything carbon fiber is known for having, ie stronger lighter etc >disadvantages a set of 4 real carbon fiber wheels probably costs as much as the car you're thinking of putting them on do they lose any strength in cold weather areas and are they able to take crappy pave roads well?

what type of device do you use as a portable mp3 player

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pros and cons of glass vs. ceramic baking dish

read page 2 of the pros and cons of glass vs. ceramic baking dish discussion from the chowhound cookware, ceramic food community. join the discussion today.

mono types feel like a waste.

there's simply nothing to be gained from a large-scale type changing crusade in either direction. functionally, pure water is just as much of a legitimate type combination as something like fire/water is, and like any other, has advantages and disadvantages. that will always be the case. without a drastic change to the type chart, a typing like