how is plastic wood recycled in australia

can plastic pavement curb the world's epidemic of plastic

ninety percent of the plastic we use ends up in landfills, or in the world's oceans. now, a scottish firm has invented a way to recycle that hard-to-use plastic for a role that requires durability

why is coffee so expensive?

look, those beautiful reclaimed-wood tables and the sleek espresso machines and the perfect edison lighting and the bathrooms with the adorable wallpaper and the roll-open garage doorsyou know, all the stuff that ds you in to a coffee shop and makes you want to buy a $4 coffee theredont come free, and somethings got to earn the

great pacific garbage patch: inventor tries to conquer

a skirt about 10 feet deep will catch the plastic, and a ship will then collect it for recycling into products like sunglasses. ultimately, slat hopes to deploy 60 of the systems.

the recycled plastic filament that could set a new

the recycled plastic filament that could set a new standard for 3d printing by lyndsey gilpin in innovation on april 15, 2015, 12:00 am pst

biggest recycling mistakes you're making

a common misconception about recycling. one of the biggest false assumptions folks make about recycling, according to remolador is that it doesnt cost anything. recycling does have an inherent cost. our recycling infrastructure allows items we no longer have use for to become resources for manufacturers making new items. just like any

how to recycle old, broken christmas lights

how to recycle lights. christmas lights can't be recycled like plastic bottles or cans because they are made up of several different components, including glass, plastic and metal. if you're a

company unlocks secret to making plastic out of air

the plastics industry creates 1.8 trillion pounds of carbon emissions every year, but now one company has figured out a way to take the pollution and turn it into plastic you can hold in your hand.

best plastic free food storage options for a green kitchen

having a green kitchen means many things: composting, using food scraps to fight food waste, and eating less meat among them. how you store your food also factors in, and there are plastic-free storage options for everything imaginable in your kitchen, from pantry staples to dinner leftovers.. the scoop is out: plastic isnt the best option for the planet or our health.

easy ways to waste less food at home

at home, there are effective steps you and your family can take to waste less food. dana gunders, a former senior scientist at the natural resources defense council, authored a fantastic book called the waste-free kitchen handbook.her general advice is to apply the waste management mantra reduce, reuse, recycle to food.

4ocean, the ocean cleanup company that's removed 4.7

'when you have the opportunity to like grab that plastic silverware, or a plastic st, you look at your wrist and you go, 'oh, nice. ok i'm going to say no this time. i'm going to refuse, and

20 kitchen items you should throw away today

if your plastic containers are warped, then the lids won't seal properly. a poor seal can lead to freezer burn, spills and other problems. put them in the recycling bin and buy some new containers.

disposal of 'off' or rancid oil

read the disposal of 'off' or rancid oil discussion from the chowhound not about food, cleaning food community. join the discussion today.

is the pringles container recyclable?

my son loves pringles and goes through about a container a week. the container the cylindrical can that resembles a tennis ball can seems like it should be recyclable, but i can't find any evidence that it is on the package.

recycled orchestra turns garbage into beautiful music

recycled orchestra turns garbage into beautiful music. the people of cateura, paraguay, are some of the poorest in latin america, living off landfill. but one group has discovered a way to create art.

the depressing truth about e-waste: 10 things to know

in 2012, the us generated more than 9 million tons of e-waste, which was a huge jump from its 2 million tons in 2005. according to the epa, 141 million mobile devices were ready for end-of-life